MKOptima InnoSolutions (OPC) Pvt Ltd


To empower the youngsters and provide an entry into the Information Technology field depending on their interest. At the same time, provide cost effective solutions to the end customers with excellent quality


To trigger innovative thinking in youngsters who would be tomorrow's enterpreneur

We wish to provide a platform for those youngsters in getting trained in industry relevant skillsets and an opportunity to work for major IT service providers with whom the company has tie ups. We will offer the complete solution, from graduates looking for skill development, professionals looking to gain new qualifications to companies seeking in-house training. We will provide custom-designed courses, exceptional trainers, one-to-one support and one of the most effective approach.


We will be providing on-demand IT training and industry leading trainings. We would be planning to tie-up for strategic accreditation alliances with leading Information Security Education providers, IT and e-Business Certification bodies, and consultancy firms to bring client vendor authorized training. Leveraging this strategic network of education and certification partners with students and client partners from all over the world, our partners will provide students and client organizations access to authorized proprietary training content and globally recognized certifications.


We have 20+ years of experience in the field of IT Infrastructure Management, DevOps, Mentoring and Training team members and customer representatives. This makes the experience of MKOptima InnoSolutions (OPC) Private Limited very unique in job creation and skill development